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3 Reasons to Choose Middle Manager Coach
For Employers
You’ve chosen someone you felt would be a great manager, but they’ve had trouble adjusting to the new role. You don’t want to fire and hire someone else -- for cost reasons and because you don’t want to give up on them. Because you’re busy yourself, you can arrange a 1-on-1 coaching session for your employee. An experienced leadership coach will seamlessly bridge the gap between what is lacking within and what is expected of your manager.
For First-Time Managers
It’s a huge change to step up from the employee pool and manage what you were once part of. You understand the work and what needs to be done, but you’ve never been in a leadership role before. You might grapple with the need to still do your old job while tackling new tasks. Working with a management coach who’s been through this situation will provide the tools and tactics to make this transition a smooth one for you and those you manage.
Leadership Development
Cookie cutter coaching or seminars may work for some, but a customized program that is built on your strengths to provide a path around your weaknesses is the true goal to success. Your concerns or problems are heard, your assessment is honest, and the resulting training involves no criticism or underlying ultimatum of losing your management position.
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